The Modern Renaissance Coalition™  is a private network for artists and creatives.

The Time Is Now.

Join The MRC today for members only perks including:

 Instant access to a vast network of creatives around the world.


The Modern Renaissance is happening today! Join our coalition of creatives today, and help us advance our mission to aid independent creatives with new resources etc. etc.

Become a pioneer of the Modern Renaissance today. 

Our Mission

When The MRC™ was founded, our mission was to round up all of the dopest artists and creatives and put them in one cool group.

During the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s, creative arts blossomed to levels never seen before …etc

The year is 2020 and one hundred years has passed since then. 

Icons such as This is the Modern Renaissance and you too, are a pioneer.

We wanted to offer the most obscure and underrepresented artists a unique club to join while helping them monetize their art and influence. 

By spreading awareness to the gap in the creative industry between corporations, and artists with good taste… we can all help to advance the Modern Renaissance.

Incentives for members include monthly creative career lists, tailored to fit what you do and what you love. 

Opportunity to give back to those who need it most around us in OUR communities, join our panels and accelerators that help the youth learn about creative careers and art itself, while enfranchising them with business ideas and help expanding on them. 

Gear,  exclusive modern renaissance coalition gear, exclusively designed in collaboration with the critically acclaimed design firm XavierAnthony (@2401.14) – we will have rare pieces every season only for our members. 

Private Network 

You gain access to an exclusive business and social network like none other, made up of a conglomerate of every type of creative, and business/corps that need their work. 

Portfolio Streamline 

Once accepted into the Modern Renaissance Coalition, our members portfolios instantly get sent to our partners and collaborators for inquiry, and constantly remains on a streamline to new business and corporations globally. 



Our promise is to increase your monthly commission, through our streamline and AI powered search engine and exclusive network in tandem – it will increase the amount of opportunities you will SEE. 


Revitalized Meaning 

One of our main goals is to give creatives a new place to not only hone their skills, meet new likeminded professionals, gain opportunity doing what you love but also a new sense of camaraderie between our members that will all together help propel your creative journey forward. 

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