-Who coined the term  “Modern Renaissance” ?

  • The masterminds Jiggy & Mo at SPCTRM Labs™ Inc and the renaissance man Glyn Brown of L3NF are behind this.

-Does the Modern Renaissance of the 2020’s have anything to do with the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s? or the European Renaissance from 1300-1600?

  • The Modern Renaissance is very similar to these movements, with some 21st century adjustments of course. In fact, the reason we know we are in a period of rebirth right now is by studying our history of past renaissance movements.

-Do I have to be an artist to join The Modern Renaissance Coalition?

  • There are ample forms of art on this planet. Every member of The MRC™ is an artist and shares a passion for the arts.

-I know I must submit my portfolio with my application, what type of creatives are you looking for?

  • Our members express themselves and communicate their own personal narratives through mediums such as sculpture, painting, photography, graphic design, poetry, literature, music, dance, fashion and film. 

-I run a business, how can I work with the Modern Renaissance coalition?

  • The MRC™ offers creative consultation for businesses helping them to fulfill their need for aesthetically pleasing content.

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