Welcome, Pioneers Of The Modern Renaissance™

Our Vision


Who We Are

Our founders recognized that we are in a rebirth of culture where science, technology and the arts are evolving at a fast rate. They understood that this is a period of evolution; and with this understanding had a goal of changing the status quo while bringing awareness to The Modern Renaissance Movement™. 

In January 2018, The Modern Renaissance Coalition™ was formed with intentions of accomplishing this goal. Formed with the idea of mitigating the current skewed state of monetization within the youth art scene and putting deserving artists who display creative prowess on the map. 

Members of the coalition who serve as the pioneers of the Modern Renaissance are creating extraordinary works of art, that demolish boundaries and re-establish rules.

Why Should I Join

The Modern Renaissance Coalition™ is a revolutionary private network for creatives and as a member, you will:

  • Become part of a global team of professional & emerging artists. 

  • Network with like-minded artists who encourage your ideas and inspire your creativity to flourish.

  • Be presented with opportunities to be commissioned by a diverse amount of businesses and corporations in need of aesthetically pleasing content and advertising.

  • Join the first to receive edition 1.0 of the The Modern Renaissance Coalition Magazine™.

  • Have your new works and current portfolio sent directly to known art critics for feedback and critique.

Why Now

There is a gap in the creative industry between big businesses and young artists with aesthetically pleasing portfolios. We noticed that artists are unable to properly monetize their influence & artistic expertise so we wanted to develop a solution. It's a win-win situation when young artists and businesses come together!


-Who coined the term "Modern Renaissance"?

  • The masterminds Amir X & Mo at SPCTRM Labs™ LLC and the renaissance man Glyn Brown of L3NF™ are behind this.

-Does the Modern Renaissance of the 2020's have anything to do with the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's? or the old European Renaissance from 1300-1600?

  • The Modern Renaissance is very similar to these movements, with some twenty-first century adjustments of course. In fact, the reason we know we are in a period of rebirth right now is by studying our history of past renaissance movements.

-Do I have to be an artist to join the Modern Renaissance Coalition™?

  • There are ample forms of art on this planet. Every member of The MRC™ is an artist and shares a passion for the arts.

-I know I must submit my portfolio with my application, what type of creatives are you all looking for?

  • Through mediums such as sculpture, painting, photography, graphic design, poetry, literature, music, dance, fashion and film our members express themselves and tell their own personal stories.

-I run a business, how can I work with the Modern Renaissance Coalition?

  • The MRC™ offers creative consultation for businesses and corporations to match them with artists who make aesthetically pleasing art and creatives with unique ideas.